Facilitation & Capacity Building

Structure and Content. Target Audience. Methods and Tools.

Are you looking to build the capacities of your project team in the areas of reporting, storytelling, knowledge management, or proposal writing? Whether you prefer to do it externally or internally, our trainers and facilitators are here to support. Our training sessions are tailored to your needs, highly engaging, and goal oriented. We apply modern group facilitation techniques and interactive methods to help you and your team grow professionally. Read below about the structure and content of training offered, target audience, as well as methods and tools.

Structure and content.

Our specialised training sessions are designed to meet the needs of your organisation and team. The sessions are structured, highly participatory and engaging. Led by our senior experts, the training usually takes place over a period of 2 full days (online or in-person) to avoid information overload and maintain focus. We will hold an initial planning meeting with you to assess needs and determine objectives (pre-training assessment), before proceeding to customise our training materials and deliver the training. The sessions can be followed by additional on-the-job training, individual and group mentoring and coaching.

If you plan to hold internal training on KM, report writing and storytelling, and/or proposal writing, we will be happy to provide professional facilitation services for your sessions. Our facilitation approach foresees a high level of participation and engagement of participants, as well as knowledge sharing and exchange. Our facilitators will work with you to understand the needs and will help you design the training if needed.

We will ensure regular two-way feedback to make sure that the sessions are in line with expectations, and conduct a post-assessment with training participants to assess results.

Target audience.

We are oriented towards organisations of any size working in the development/humanitarian and non-profit sectors. Whether you are a large established development organisation or a small NGO, we will be happy to support you. We also work at project and programme level. The training participants will ideally include key people in your organisation specialising in a particular area. For KM training, the involvement of as many team members as possible will be required for best results. During the pre-assessment, we will work with you to identify critical people to be trained.

Methods and tools.

Throughout facilitation and training, we use highly participatory, inclusive and modern approaches and techniques such as design thinking, mind maps, pause and reflect, gallery walk, world cafe, and others, to help you and your teams grow professionally. For online training sessions, we may be using interactive platforms such as Miro, SpatialChat or Padlet to gather ideas, feedback, and any other useful insights.

Please reach out to us for more information on how we can support.

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