Proposal Writing

Are you looking to raise funds for your next project, or a project extension or expansion?

Our professional proposal writers will help translate your idea into a well-written concept note or a full project proposal, or review and revise an existing proposal, ensuring its accuracy, high quality, and attractiveness.

Our team of proposal writers have supported a large number of donors, such as BHA, BMZ, KfW, PRM, USAID, PM/WRA, FCDO, EC, ECHO, UNHCR, OCHA, UNICEF, SDC, CDC, SIDA, CIDA, NORAD / MFA, AFD, The World Bank, IOM, the Gates Foundation, START, GAC, Irish Aid, DANIDA, GGP, OAK Foundation, multiple Ministries and Embassies, and more.

Types of services offered.

We offer our support in structuring your idea, writing a concept note, and developing a full proposal. Once a proposal is accepted and the project is going ahead, we can also support you in developing a project document, results framework/project matrix, project timeline, work plan, and other documentation needed to kick off project activities.

The proposals and other documentation are developed after careful study of donor requirements, guidelines and templates.

The types of services we offer include (not limited to):

  • Development of concept notes
  • Development of full project proposals (new project, project extension or expansion)
  • Revision/adaptation of concept notes and/or full project proposals
  • Development of proposal writing guidelines, templates, and instructions as per organisational requirements
  • Training in proposal writing

Approach and Quality Assurance.

Our consultants include highly qualified proposal writers who have supported a number of development organisations in developing successful proposals and securing the necessary funding. We work with proposals of different sizes and complexity and will advise on the time required to prepare a proposal once we are familiarised with the project. Proposals will typically include a context/situational analysis and consideration of cross-cutting aspects such as gender and sustainability. Where necessary, we will engage researchers and subject matter experts to ensure the use of sector- and topic-specific languages and terminology. 

We will ensure the quality and timeliness of delivery. Our Quality Assurance mechanism foresees that any risks and/or challenges are identified and addressed early enough, and appropriate measures are put in place to mitigate these risks. As such, we will maintain regular contact with the client to incorporate ideas and suggestions, and ensure that the product is in line with expectations.

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