Monitoring & Evaluation

High-quality M&E can help increase the effectiveness and efficiency, as well as transparency and accountability of a project or programme. Demand-driven, rigorous evaluations and robust monitoring systems contribute to adaptive management and learning, which results in more informed and evidence-based decisions.

Types of services offered.

The types of services we currently offer (not limited to):

  • Mid-Term and Final Evaluations
  • Needs assessment 
  • Baseline and endline studies 
  • Impact assessments and related studies 
  • Development of MEL frameworks, methods and tools
  • After Action Reviews 
  • Thematic reviews 
  • Data collection (in the field or remotely) and analysis
  • Development and adaptation of data collection methods and tools


Evaluations provide an essential basis for understanding progress in a timely manner. A well-designed evaluation and a focus on the intended users provide us with information on what works and what does not. As well as measuring progress towards plans, they also highlight results that were not initially planned but are equally significant. Finally, they provide information regarding how well programmes were designed, what can be done to improve future implementation, or redirect financial flows.

In addition to our contextual and thematic expertise, we have a deep understanding of evaluation theories and approaches. In addition to adding value to our end users, our evaluation services are practical, contextually adapted, and methodologically rigorous. As part of our monitoring, evaluation, and learning services, we place the user’s needs at the centre of what we do in order to ensure that evidence is relevant, helpful, and shared in a way that promotes learning in order to build greater ownership and usability of the findings.

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