Is Your Organisation KM-Ready?

You may have heard about Knowledge Management (KM), but you are not an expert in the field. Or you may have worked at an organisation that had a KM framework and you would like to build something similar at your new organisation. It can feel a little daunting and overwhelming to start from scratch. You might wonder if your organisation is even ready for KM.

Several indicators can help signal that your organisation is ready to formalise a KM framework, or programme. Read on to see if your organisation meets any or all of these indicators.

Does your organisation recognise the value of knowledge? If the organisation values knowledge as a key resource and believes that it can be leveraged to improve business outcomes, then it is a good candidate for KM.

Is there a willingness to share information? If the organisation’s culture encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration, then it will likely be successful in implementing KM initiatives. This is one of the most fundamental indicators of KM’s potential for success within an organisation. If you do not already have a culture that supports knowledge sharing, then start here (more on How to Build and Maintain a Culture of Knowledge Sharing coming soon).

Does your organisation’s leadership support the idea of KM? It probably goes without saying that if you want to get something done, you are going to need resources. The leadership team should be committed to KM and willing to allocate resources, such as time, money, and personnel, to support its implementation.

Are your goals and objectives clearly defined? The organisation should have a clear understanding of what it hopes to achieve through KM and should have a plan in place to measure its success. If you are not here yet – do not fret. Many organisations begin with a clearly defined need(s) and then develop their goals and objectives while establishing their KM strategy. Reach out to us if you need help defining your goals and objectives.

Is your organisation open to acquiring new technology to support KM? Although technology alone will not deliver KM, it is an important enabler of it. The right technology infrastructure and tools, such as a content management system or a collaborative platform, can support KM activities and increase productivity.

Are you ready to take KM to the next level in your organisation? Explore our KM offerings and contact us for a consultation.

Contributor: Lori Reid, Senior Knowledge Management Consultant, Consult KM International

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