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Report Writing &

Reports are a vital part of every project yet are often perceived as a burden. Well-written reports provide an accurate, structured, and evidence-based documentation of project progress and achievements, and are key to more informed decision-making, good planning and implementation. Do not forget stories. Whether separate or as part of your reports, stories add value and convey key messages in the most reader-friendly way. Find out MORE.


Knowledge Management (KM) can be a game changer for any organisation if utilised effectively. How does your organisation capture, share, store, and use knowledge? Do your resources, practices and tools serve your needs? Bringing as many team members onboard as possible to develop and implement a strong KM framework which serves everyone’s needs is key. We promise this will be an exciting journey! Find out MORE


Have an exciting idea for a new project, or a project extension or expansion? Not sure whether your proposal is in line with donor requirements and/or easy to understand? Let us support you. We will help you translate your idea into a well-written concept note or a full project proposal, or review and revise an existing proposal, ensuring its accuracy, high quality and attractiveness. Find out MORE

Facilitation &
Capacity Building

Are you looking to build the capacities of your project team in reporting, storytelling, KM, or proposal writing? Whether you prefer to do it externally or internally, our trainers and facilitators are here to support. Our training sessions are tailored to your needs, highly engaging, and goal oriented. We apply modern group facilitation techniques and interactive methods to help you and your team grow professionally. Find out MORE

Our work principles.


We treat all information shared with us as strictly confidential and under no circumstances disclose any data to third parties.

Quality Assurance

We ensure that all our assignments are approached professionally and performed to the highest quality, aligned with client expectations.


We adhere to the principles of impartiality and neutrality, ensuring fairness, non-judgement, and objectivity.


Impact is why we do what we do. Our work is structured around impact, outcomes, and results.

Do No Harm

We ensure an ethical approach is taken at all stages of our work, adhere to the principle of Do No Harm, and respect sensitivities.


Our work is guided by design-thinking fundamentals, ensuring that each assignment is approached individually and creatively.

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